Quick Update

Well early this week Ezra said "I Love You" for the first time w/o being prompted (usually we have to say, "tell Daddy I love you") EXCEPT he said it to Herman our dog! He still has yet to just say it to Michael or I :( He does tell us "I miss you" often when we pick him up from day care or that sort of thing which is super sweet, but I'm holding out the for the "I love you".

On the foster to adopt front we have our LAST class on Saturday! Yea!!! The training has been very informative but I'll be excited to be done with it and not have any more late nights. We did learn something VERY cool last night. Any child adopted through Child Protective Services in the state of Texas will now be given a subsidy to attend any public college of their choosing free. That includes, MED SCHOOL, VET SCHOOL, grad school, dental school, you see where I'm going with this! It also includes a trade school, cosmotology school, any kind of vocational training! Isn't that AMAZING! Even if we move out of state the child can always come back to TX and attend college here for FREE! I'm still just shocked about that. Another shocking fact is that the state of TX has a budget of 10 BILLION (yes Billion) dollars a year for child health and protection services as well as education and they still only rank like
47th or 48th for the amount of money allocated to each state for aid. I can't imagine 10 billion dollars much less how much money the number 1 state must be allocated.
We're supposed to be assigned a social worker this week for our homestudy, and should have the homestudy done w/in the next 3 weeks. Since we'll likely be waiting a long time I'm ready to get our homestudy out there to CPS so we can start being submitted for kiddos.


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