A few MUST reads...

These 2 books have been crazy insightful and helpful to me as a parent not even necessarily as an adoptive/foster parent. Just learning about how the brain develops and how if certain needs aren't met portions of the brain won't develop so some behaviors we see aren't b/c the child is defiant or lazy or aggressive they are simply b/c the pathways aren't there to tell the child how to react properly so theyhave to be "retrained". through reading the books I can NOW see that there were warning signs with Ezra and thankfully we just instinctively responded in the correct manner which is why he turned out to be pretty darn cool, however much of his hypersensitivity to sound and texture now makes so much sense. Every parent should read these books. The parenting advice is priceless and I can say w/ 100% certainty that after using the techniques in these books with Ezra he has become much more affectionate and responsive to correction.

And this series is just for fun! This is a trilogy but this is the first book. I promise you will be hooked and wishing for more.


Paula said…
The Connected Child is my favorite adoption related book by far. I love it and recommend it to everyone who adopts!

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