The post below is from a mom who's currently in Ethiopia to pick up her child. As you can see the need is GREAT and it's up to us to make a difference for these innocent babies. If you want to help please let me know and I can get in contact with some of the traveling families to bring over supplies for these kiddos.

Hey, everyone-
We (the five families in Eth for court right now) visited KVI orphanage today. We all walked away with broken hearts, stunned at the reality of life for the kids there.

They do not have any diapers. Yes, you read that correctly. An orphanage full of babies and toddlers, and there are no diapers. They have rags and ripped pieces of sheets that the wrap around their bottoms, and keep them in place with onesie t-shirts. Every single baby we held today was soaking wet (or worse), their entire outfit. They lay on the floor, soaking wet, and get changed on the floor...where they all crawl around and play with the few toys that they have.

In addition, they had no mattresses in many of the cribs. Babies sleeping on a the wooden bottom of a crib. I don't know that I would have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

So...we pooled our money and they helped us find a place that sells crib mattresses. All well and good...except for the fact that they are NOT vinyl covered mattresses like we get at home. Cloth covers.

So, while it's great that they at least have crib mattresses, they're going to be ruined in short order with none of the babies having diapers. We've searched high and low, and cannot find any waterproof crib pads here in Addis.

CAN THE FAMILIES THAT ARE TRAVELING FOR COURT THIS COMING WEEK PLEASE BRING AS MANY WATERPROOF CRIB PADS AS POSSIBLE? The best would be the kind that can just be wiped clean, and if possible have the fitted sheet edges to wrap around. But anything waterproof will work! Even if they have the cotton top over vinyl, if we have enough of them at least they can be changed.

The other obvious need is diapers. Even cloth diapers and plastic pants to go over would work. Just something.


Brett and Micah said…
What is the KVI orphanage? Has it always been in this bad of shape? Are these children being adopted out? Just found ur blog on another adoption family blog. This post is sad.

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