Disappointing news...

So we are close to being done with our training and only have like 2 things left for our paperwork so we're in the process of scheduleing out homestudy and I got an e-mail today from the social worker asking if we were set on a child less then 2 and only one child. I replied that that is our limit for now. The disppointing part of this is that he said Parker County doesn't usually get too many CPS cases (which is a good thing) and that b/c of the low frequency and our narrow range we may be waiting "forever" for a child. So while I do not at all want chlildren to be victims of neglect or abuse I DO want another child and it's rare for CPS to have the need to place a young child outside of their county.
So I guess we'll just remain faithful and see what the Lord has in store.


I am sorry for the disappointing news, but if you feel God led you to do this, then He has a child in mind and so I love your attitude to wait and see :)


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