Please read this from my friend and fellow adoptive mom, Courtney Hammons. They are trying to complete 2 adoptions in the same year after meeting a child when they picked up their son 3 months ago. Funding this second adoption will require the prayers and support of everyone. Please read her message below and enter to win an iPAD and help bring Teddy Home!

From Courtney:

Three months ago Kenneth and I brought home a beautiful 5 yr old named Tariku! What we didn’t know at that time is we all 3 left a part of our heart in Ethiopia with another sweet 5 year old who happened to be Tariku’s best friend and also deaf. We have prayed, sought guidance, and asked if we were to be Teddy’s family? We kept coming back to the same answer - YES! So the paperwork has been submitted and we are waiting for a court date! In the mean time we are trying to raise the funds to bring Teddy home! Won’t you help us and possibly win an I-PAD!!!
Tickets are $10. for one and $25. for 3 – the drawing will be held on Tuesday Oct 27th!
Visit for more info and to enter!
Thank you for helping us complete our family and bring Tariku’s best friend home!


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