Update on our journey to become foster/adoptive parents...

Well the paperchase this time around is MUCH easier since I already had most of the info gathered and just needed to refresh it. I had my physical exam and TB test last week as well as our fire/health inspections. We have our fingerprint appointment this week and after that all we'll need is a copy of my diploma (LSU is taking forever getting this to me), Michael's TB test and physical exam forms from the Navy doctor, and we're DONE! We have 2 more weeks of training classes and then we can do our home study. After that hopefully we'll have a placement w/in a few months. I can't wait! I'm really excited to see who the Lord has in store for us! So while our first adoption took me EIGHT months to gather all the paperwork for this time it's taken TWO! Covenant Kids is great. They have been super helpful and have been very thorough even giving me the phone numbers/url addresses for government agencies and agents as well as the names of the contacts. Our first adoption we had to figure out everything for ourselves so this time around I feel pampered :)


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