476 - That is the number of people that have viewed our blog since I put up a site counter a few days ago!! YEA! I always wondered if anyone looked at this thing other then our family and I guess you do! Thanks!!
Wow, that's a lot of "!!!!" I'll try to lay off for a while, but then again if you actually read this then I'm sure you're used to the exclamations and caps lock right. :)
So I am thrilled with this new fundraising venture I began at like 2:30 this afternoon and finished my first "prototypes" at around 10pm. I was reading a DIY blog yesterday and saw a really wonderful idea for making cute tees w/o needing to know how to sew! My prayers were answered so I've got loads of ideas and I don't want to post the pics of my finshed product just yet b/c I want to really make a BANG when I post them on the web :) So check back here over the next week for my new AMAZING goodies!!!


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