As a new fundraising idea I've decided to try and get our "Adopt Africa" magnets around the world in 80 days!!! Even just around the U.S would be nice :) So far our magnets have been purchased by a person or persons in the following states:

North Carolina
New York

My goal is to get at least one magnet in each of the 50 states and maybe even abroad to spread adoption awareness. Maybe there is a couple somewhere contemplating adoption and they are praying for a "sign" then the Lord puts your car in front of theirs and BAM... "ADOPT AFRICA"! That may be the little push that they need to commit to adoption. Please share this post with your friends and family. All of the proceeds from the magnets are going toward our next adoption and we have LOTS of magnets to sell :) I will keep updating the list of states so people can follow along! The magnets can be seen just to the right of this post and we have a pay pal account set up as well.
Thanks for your support in this project!


Ryan and Ashlie said…
I'm your Florida purchase~ I'm not sure if you have my address correct~ Can you please email me at before you mail it out??
Thanks, Ashlie
Bliss said…
Hey Becky I just purchased a magnet so you can add South Dakota to the list.

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