Home at Last

So yesterday was my first day home and it was wonderful. We went to Chilis for lunch then to WalMart to get some groceries since I'd hadn't been home the house was bare. I wound up flying in from D.C at around 11:30pm! I had been traveling for OVER 48 hours! I was exhausted but it was fantastic to see Michael and Ezra and the dogs. Ezra was still wide awake and the reunion was great, he didn't seem stand offish at all and I couldn't believe how much he'd changed in 3 weeks! He's so darn smart, now he's talking all the time and actually making sense to me :)
B/c of all he cancelled flights, etc. my bags were lost and STILL haven't been located. hopefully today will bring good news b/c all my souvenirs were in there. :(
After shopping we came home and I slept from about 1:30pm to 9:30pm! And I still was tired. I tried to eat some cereal but then fell back asleep and woke up at 5am. Now I'm wide awake and trying to organize my posts and will also post some photos and video ASAP. I am bummed that I only get 1 more day off before I have to go to work though. I want more time with my family to unwind and adjust. It's GREAT to be home and be with my hubby and baby boy!


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