Trip to ET Day 4

Today I flew from Addis to Mekele and landed at around 4:40 pm or so. The airport is quite small but nice. I got my bags and expected to see someone with my name on a sign or something but no one was there. I waited until I was the very last person at the airport and figured no one was showing up to get me and since there were only 2 taxis left and one had his hood up I decided to just go to the hotel. I was really pretty upset b/c I had no idea what to expect for the next day as I thought I would be teaching but didn't know the time or schedule or if I was supposed to get to the University on my own, etc. Unfortunately the only phone number I had for the Dean was his work office number and since it was a Sunday obviously that was useless. So when I got to the hotel I hadn't eaten all day and was starving but I didn't know where was safe to eat. My initial reaction to my hotel room was... seriously!! The door was made of a this piece of sheet metal and had an 1.5" gap around the entire door so bugs, snakes, you name it could have goten in. There was a TV with only one channel but I had a big bed though it was on the floor and it was clean. Also the bathroom had a stand up shower that flooded the entire bathroom everytime I showered. The water never went down all the way, but I had a bathroom and the water was hot. The landscaping was phenomenal though.
I tried calling a contact with CVM to see if he had the Dean's phone number to call and tell him I was in Mekele and needed him to call me. So after a few hours I got a call from the Dean's representative who told me there'd been a mix up but that someone would pick me up in the morning. Hopefully there'll be good news and my time here will be fun and rewarding.


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