"Snowmageddon" in TEXAS

Michael and I are having so much fun with this heavy snow fall in TX. Ezra is not too sure about it. He's fine for a little while but then wants to go inside. We on the other hand are having a blast making snow men, snow forts, and the best SNOW ICE CREAM - yummy :)
We only worked a 1/2 day yesterday b/c the roads were so bad near my work and today there was no power so I got to spend time cleaning the house, organizing photos, etc. basically doing all the stuff I'd been putting off for a while. Sadly the snow is melting pretty fast and even though I'm sure it will take 2-3 days to melt completely we're trying to make the most of it while it's here.

This is a SNOW covered CACTUS --- wild, I know!


A&W said…
We are in Texas, too, experiencing this crazy, wonderful snow!!! Where are you? We are north of Dallas
Unknown said…
WOW!! Ezra's first snow! I can't believe it snowed that much in Texas. The world is getting crazier.

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