Is this our path??

So Michael and I have gone back and forth about what country to pursue our adoption of a baby girl. We both agreed on Nepal but then we found out that they need proof of infertility which isn't the case for us so that made that country a "no go". Before we adopted Ezra we talked a lot about the "foster to adopt" program but we were both scared that we'd get a child, fall in love, and have it taken away so we didn't go that route. Well I have been thinking about this program for months now and was quite surprised when last night I asked Michael if he thought we should just look into going that route for our baby girl and he said "sure!". WOW I did NOT expect that. So this morning I couldn't wait to get up to call and find out more. I have filled out an "interest form" and now I'm just waiting for someone to contact me. Our request would be for a girl less than 12 months that is very "low risk" (meaning little chance of being taken back). We don't care about the ethnicity so hopefully that will open up our options a bit. My main concern aside from losing her would be how long we'd have to wait to be placed with a child. So anyway... that's why I need to find out more to make an informed decision on what will happen next and what we can expect time wise b/c I don't want to wait a year and then finally decide to adopt internationally again and have to wait another 2 years. Waiting is NOT my strong point :) Fingers are crossed that this is the path the Lord wants us to walk and that our baby girl awaits!!!


Melodie Monberg said…
WOW, what a big step. I can't wait to follow your journey. I've often thought about foster to adopt but have similiar concerns and worries. BLessings as you trudge ahead! smile


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