The Best Cake Ever!

So Michael makes some of the BEST desserts in the world, and when we were snowed in he decided to make a German Chocolate Cake. Now I will say that every single cake the man has made looks like the one you see below. They are usually falling apart or have holes in them where the icing has sunk into the actual cake, BUT they are lip smacking good! So here are some photos of his most recent creation. By the way this cake called for SEVENTEEN eggs and TWO boxes of butter! Watch out Paula Dean :)


Michelle said…
Oh Becky! I'll trust you that it really is lip-smackin' good. My husband cooks as well and I enjoy most of his concoctions. I have to tell you, your honey gets an absolute A+++ for effort. Quite ambitious! I don't bake so anyone who gets in the kitchen to bake in my book is awesome!

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