Trip to ET Day 2

Day 2 - Today was exhausting! Playing with the kiddos at Kind Hearts was awesome. At
first they were very shy and hesitant and I actually was a bit disappointed thinking.. Geez… they don’t like me but then I broke out the suckers and glow sticks and they were all over me J I got some great photos even though most are action shots. Keeping that many kids under control w/o speaking their language was a joke. I came away knowing that “aye=no” and “badkah= stop” I loved every minute and am sad to have to leave them. I met both of our sponsored children today and though they were both quite shy they are precious. I was able to leave the gifts I’d brought for them for their Easter presents. The degree of poverty there is tremendous. They have so much land but the river surrounding it is polluted so they can’t get any animals on the property until they can get a clean water source so they don’t get sick. If they could get some animals that would provide supplementary income as well as more then just rice to eat. I then went to the Children’s Hope Chest office with Peter to see what it was like. It’s a nice rented house that they use to also provide school for some local kids in the city. One of the teachers there has to leave his 5 year old son at home alone while he’s at work b/c his wife went to Kuwait to work as a house keeper. The women in Addis usually leave for a minimum of 2 years and never once get to come home. This particular woman was in Saudi Arabi before for 2 years came home for 3 months then left again. She’s hardly even seen her son. Her husband begged her not to go but she still left. I just don’t understand how they can stay married honestly. He’s a single dad. He said that his son always has to go through doors first and get into taxis first b/c he’s scared his father will leave him too. So sad!
I hoped to go shopping some but after we went to eat lunch I just hit bottom and the jet lag caught up with me. So far so good with my health and I fell great. The nausea patch and oral meds are working well for now and I actually ate breakfast and lunch! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll go to AHOPE.


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