74 days left

I am super happy to report that we now can add North Carolina to our list of states where our Adopt Africa magnet can be found! Thanks Jackson family :)
I'm so super excited to be doing this fundraiser and it's been fun for me to get e-mail notifications and see where I'll be sending a magnet off to next. I'm also happy to see another southern state come on board :) Now I just need to recruit Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky people.

We went to church tonight for Ash Wednesday and had a funny run in afterwards at McDonalds (I know total crap but we only try to eat there like 3 times a year or so). Anyway.. the guy taking the money was staring at me funny and Michael's like what's his deal, finally I realized that he couldn't figure out why were were in public with big black crosses on our foreheads. I just adore Ash Wednesday b/c I think it's so great to see people "wearing" their faith. I used to be embarrassed about it as a young girl and but now for me it's like a badge of honor. I'm so happy that I am able to stand up for what I believe in proudly and glorify the Lord. Even though it's a little thing and it's only one day of the year and though the ashes get washed away I think it's almost like being baptised again in a way. Now the hard part begins... 40 days of sacrifice. Michael said he is giving up MEAT!!! I don't know how he's going to accomplish that one. Meat is like the main staple in my diet :) I am going to give up soda, and try to focus more on what I can add to my daily life as opposed to what to subtract from it. Last year I went to daily mass but this year the schedule has changed so I'm working for every daily mass unfortunately. I'll have to do some thinking I guess.


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