Sneak Peak at our new Adopt Africa fundraiser!!!


I have LOTS of ideas and will be making several tees with non-African type themes as well. Monograming will be an additional cost and I haven't worked out pricing yet but I can't tell you enough how adorable these tees are in person. The colors are very vibrant which unfortunately doesn't come across here. I will be doing bibs, onesies, and tees as of right now. Since everything has to be drawn then made into a stencil then cut out and assembled making one shirt takes a LONG time but they are so worth it! So though I'm not yet taking orders keep us in mind for the next week or so and I'll let you know when we have our "Grand Opening!" :)


Tracy said…
very, very cute Becky! Great job! I love the animals. Anxious to see your store! My bio kiddos have already asked for Africa Ts since their dad and I both got each other one for Valentine's. Best of luck!!!
The Smittys said…
i totally love your tees! my friend is adopting from ethiopia and we are doing tees too. how are you attaching the africa shape? are they iron on transfer? or sewn? hope you don't mind me asking! we are in NC doing a similar fund raising! help!
Becky said…
Cute...can't wait to get one for Bek!
the Steiger's said…
I love all of it:)
Hi, I just came across your blog from AWAA yahoo group and wanted to say hi. We got our girl from Ethiopia almost 2 years ago.

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