Our blog gets a facelift :)

So yesterday Ezra somehow deleted our old blog's template or something (like I know what I'm talking about right...) as I was trying to create a "button" for the blog. I had a temporary moment of panic and was very overwhelmed to think that I would have to start over from scratch, BUT I found out about this web site www.kevinandamanda.com and it's AMAZING! I don't know how to take pictures with my phone or even text but yesterday Amanda's tutorials on her blog had me changing embedded code in my HTML! Yes, I know, I'm speaking techno babble, it's incredible! So anywho... I then became addicted to makeing our blog the bomb and finding cute little exras, etc. to add on. I'm still light years away from where I want it to be but at least I'm learning and my vision doesn't start to get all blurry when I start seeing computer code any longer. So in my quest to make my own headers, buttons, etc. I made a couple pics that people can add to their posts or sidebars if you're interested.

These 2 are to spread awareness of the sacrifice and our love of birthmothers:

These are to spread awareness of HIV/AIDS:

If anyone is interested in a particular image just let me know and I can send you the url to paste in your side bar for that image or images. Just comment me and let me know where to send it.


Your blog looks awesome! I would love the HTML code for the first red ribbon on this post (the plain one) Thanks!

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