Christmas card repurpose idea

I saw this great idea on ! I usually keep all of our Christmas cards (I keep all cards really and have a large box in our closet just with cards and letters) but I think for people who discard them this is a fun idea that is sure to keep the kiddos busy for at least a little while. You just cut out the photos and create these cute little skewer puppets! I've been kabob sticks at the grocery or Dollar Store before for very cheap or if you're like me and have a collection of chop sticks in a drawer this would be a great time to put them to use. Once Ezra gets older I definitly plan to do this little craft with him but for now I have all our cards tucked away in my big box in the closet :)


KLT said…

We actually put all our Christmas cards in a small box in our kids' room. When we do family devotions up there, the kids pull out one card during prayer time. We check who sent the card and pray for them! That's our re-purposing take.

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