Fun Valentines Day card craft

I saw this DIY craft on and fell head over heels. I immediately went to and ordered a roll of contact paper and can't wait to make some of these with Ezra for his teachers and our family :)

Step one: Draw a love heart on your red card and write a message to someone you like inside the heart. Repeat if required.
Step two: Cut out your hearts and cover them with clear contact paper. Cut off the excess contact paper from around the edges of the heart.
Step three: Mix one part dishwashing liquid to two parts gold paint. Paint over the inside of your heart using light strokes. Allow to dry and reapply a second coat, if required to cover your message.
Step four: When your heart is completely dry, place in an envelope. The person you love will be able to scratch off the gold paint using a coin or fingernail to reveal the message underneath.


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