Up in the air - AGAIN!

I hate being in this position... Michael found outlast week that his squadron will be closing down. That means that w/in the next year we have to pray he gets hired on with the other local squadron, or that Michael gets an airline job. If neither of these happen - we move. Period. New jobs, new house, new city or country or continent. I don't mind the adventure at all but what stinks about this the most is that we just got licensed to adopt domestically here. TWO days after we found out about the base closure we got an e-mail about a precious AA 2 year old boy available for immediate adoption. I thought PERFECT, he's meant to be ours b/c we're likely leaving w/in the next year so we can't really do foster to adopt and he's the perfect age, etc. Well CPS went ahead and placed him with another family today, likely b/c of our "unknown future job" status :(
I kept telling myself not to think about him in our lives but it's sooooooo hard not to imagine Ezra playing with his new brother, etc. So while I'm THRILLED that he has a home and will have security and a mom and dad of his own I am sad that it's not us.
So I officially removed our names from the "foster list" since our status as TX residents is up in the air but if by some miracle there's another child available for immediate placement then they'll call us.


Paula said…
So sorry, Becky. That must be so frustrating.
464 Keller Rd. said…
I am sure that was hard, Becky. Praying God will give you peace to trust him.

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