I like to think of myself as a naive squib...

Michael and I went to Orlando for a veterinary conference this week and I was most excited about visiting Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. I like to think of myself as a naive squib ( someone born to a magical family that lacks magical powers ) b/c I want to badly to be able to go to Hogwarts :) Mainly just to be able to eat the food they have at the feasts. So here are some photos of the amazing job Universal did with the theme park. I love it and would go back everyday if I could. (minus the thousands of people of course).

A chocolate frog at Honeydukes.

Butterbeer on tap. YUMMY!

Some pictures in the Gryfendor Common Room. The effects were AMAZING for the moving portraits!
Drinking Butterbeer at Hogs Head Pub. Michael bought me a Gryffendor scarf! Thanks babe!
Butterbeer I learned is a non-alcoholic drink. hmmm... guess who was scarlet faced after asking a "wizard" where I could find "the alcoholic butterbeer". I was quickly informed that "there is no such thing" but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Butterbeer is super sweet and delicious! The foamy stuff is like foamy condensed milk with a tang if that makes any sense :) And the longer it sits on the liquid it gets more and more bubbly.

Hogs Head has it's own beer on tab at the Pub.

Yea!! It's Hogwarts Castle!

Hogsmead Village Shops

This book was animatronic and looked just like the one from the movie.


Zonko's Joke Shop...

This is what you see when you walk through the entrance to Hogsmead.


Andrea said…
I am totally jealous!!!

I love all things Harry Potter, and I am just dying to go to Orlando.

Sarah said…
i'm so dang jealous!!!!! i'm obsessed with HP!

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