Cutest cupcakes ever!

Amanda (of recently posted about some Banana Split Cupcakes she's tried and I was totally enamored, I knew I just had to make some. I got a recipie from and set to work. I was feeling lazy and didn't make my own cake batter, I just used a boxed product and it worked fine. I think these cupcakes are AMAZING! They taste great and aren't so rich that they make you feel sick after eating just one. They are really fun to decorate and would be great for a birthday party or baby shower.

After cupcakes are cooled use a cookie cutter and a cupcake "cutter-outer" like the one pictured above to remove the center of the cupcake reservin the "holes".
Slice some bananas and put one slice in the hole.
Top the banana slice with freshly pureed strawberries or a strawberry topping like the one pictured below.
Top the strawberries with another banana slice and fit the "tops" back into the cupcakes.
After freezing the pineapple cream cheese icing use a cookie scoop to place one frozen scoop onto each cupcake and then drizzle with chocolate Hard Shell. I followed the hard shell with sprinkles and nuts and of course topped them off with a cherry!
Then ENJOY! Yummy!
Aren't they super cute all together! I kept mine in the fridge to keep the icing cold so the Hard Shell wouldn't melt.
I invited my mom and my brother to dinner last night for gumbo and crawfish cornbread and surprised them with these adorable cupcakes. Here's my brother's reaction when he saw them!
I hope you guys have as much fun making these cupcakes as I did!


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