Wii fun and cupcakes!

We went to Shreveport for Christmas to celebrate with Michael's family last weekend. Here are a few photos from that trip.

While we were in Shreveport for Christmas I HAD to stop by one of the cupcake boutiques there to try out some goodies. We stopped by Buttercups later in the day so they were almost out of cupcakes. I was very sad that I couldn't try their "wedding cake" cupcakes :(

We got strawberry, Banana Cream, and chocolate. I loved the strawberry but the banana was like banana on steroids. You had better be CRAZY about banana to eat that one :)
Lindsey had brought over her Wii to my MIL's house for Christmas and as you can see EVERYONE enjoyed it. I forgot how addicting Super Mario Brothers is.
We also played the Michael Jackson game which I have to say was a GREAT workout and much funner then I expected.
Even Michael got into it.
Then my MIL put us all to shame.
Cutest boys EVER!


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