Baby food jar repurpose project...

Here's what you'll need:

So I have been saving small babyfood jars lately b/c I'm tired of having to pick through my little collection of brads and buttons to find what I need for scrapbooking. I have a million different colors, types, shapes, you name it and it's just very unorganized. I decided to use the contact paper scraps I had left over from my blackboard project from the previous post to make labels for the jars. I spray painted the tops with some Krylon spray paint we had lying around in the garage and then used my 1" square punch to cut out the shapes. I just stuck them onto the jars, and presto... it was that easy.

I think for my purposes I'm going to use this old baby food turn table to store in my scrapbooking closet which will make it easy to visualize the labels once I actually write on them.

I LOVE that you can simply erase the chalk in case I run out of one type item or decide I want to use them for something else like....

Place cards for a get together.

Just write the person's name on the jar and by adding some soil to the jars with some wildflower seeds or planting an herb you also have little guest gifts. Or you could mark each jar with the flower or herb name like, "Dill", or "Rosemary".

Anyone else have some good ideas for repurposing baby food jars? I'd love to hear them :)


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