Fun finds...

So while my boy is sleeping (he was up all night coughing with a fever) I decided to do some "window shopping" while taking a break from all this blog designing and here are some fun things I've found:

He has some great prints and these are just a few of my faves...

He's got a whole series on VW bugs and I think they'd be awesome framed or clustered together. Makes me want to buy them now so that I can use them to decorate Ezra's dorm room/apartment for when he eventually goes to college.
(Yes I AM Becky Bloomwood from the "Shopaholic" book series and I can pretty much justify any purchase)

This super cool deer cut out would be fantastic for a modern take on a "rustic" look for a boy's room.

I'm crazy about this "tree book shelf". Super cool and eco friendly.

While browsing the latest party featured on I saw this really neat pick punch ( which can be used to make your own guitar picks with any image you want. Check it out:

The cost of the punch is $24.95 and each sheet which yields about 60 picks is $3.00.

Some samples...

This is how it was used for the party. Check out the picks lining the edge of the table...

Now it's back to work for me!


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