Must see online shops!

So while I was looking for these striped paper straws on etsy at pebblesinmypocket...

I came across this fabulous cupcake decorating etsy shop, Cupcake Confessional I'm in LOVE! For all those who share my affinity for cupcake baking, decorating, and EATING then this is the shop for you!
Here are some of my purchases:

While I was already on etsy I did some "digi" shopping and fell in love with these pieces by Lanyapi Designs:

and these amazing sugar flowers at sweetpetalbakery:

Also these cute potholders from persnickitypelican:

Here are some other cool finds from other online stores:
I also found these AMAZING child's chairs at - $133.00

I'm in love with these paperclips from
I ordered these alligtor ones.

They also feature this really cool lunchbox fitted with it's own set of chopsticks:

and lastly these cuter then cute eraser sets! I ordered a couple for my best friend's daughter and can't wait to send them to her.
Also FREE shipping on any orders over $25.00.

I'm addicted to this letterpress site I'm wishing I had a small buisness that needed buisness cards just to get them to make something for me. I only got through 4 pages of their site and these are all the amazing samples of their work I wanted to share with you before I turn this post into something to rival the length of War and Piece.

This poster is for sale for $30.00 and I think would be great framed art for a kids room. The art was done by his 6 year old son and the father put it together digitally for this adorable print.

I love that these buisness cards are so edgy and nonconformative.
These just seem so villanous to me. Like the buisness cards the guys from Reservoir Dogs would have, "Mr. White"or "Mr. Pink".


Anonymous said…
LOVE the cupcake liners & the straws! Etsy is so addictive. Let me know what kind of button bouquets you want - I love any excuse to be crafty (and then I'll have pictures to post a 'how-to'). Also, I am going to start wedding planning on the side! I loved planning my own so much and I think I would really love helping others make their special day happen. :) Thanks for the encouragement!

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