Pioneer Days...

Well yesterday morning we woke up to no power, no heat, and no hot water - YIKES! Since the fridge wasn't working and there's ice and snow outside I decided to put some of our perishables outside in the snow. We quickly ran out of firewood and I didn't realize that the 220 voltage that heats the house is also needed for our oven and range so we couldn't even heat water on the stove. We all were wearing 3 layers of clothing in the house and I even had to bundle up the puppies.

The house I grew up in didn't have central heat but it was also in south Louisiana so it rarely got super cold like it is here. Last night I was wishing I had my old electric blanket though. Michael, Ezra, and myself tried to sleep on a full size blow up mattress right in front of the fireplace. I say tried b/c with Ezra there's no sleeping. How can one little dude wiggle so much and take up so much space???


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