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I have been meaning to make my blog into a book since it's really all a keepsake for Ezra anyway and finally bit the bullet and did it. I used and I have to say I couldn't be more please with how they turned out. It's really quick especially if you do what I did and just let them edit it automatically. I wasn't too picky about the layout I just wanted to photos and text content so Ezra and go back and read about our adventures in adoption and parenthood. I may not remember the exact day he started walking but I'm sure I posted about it and can always have these books to reference moments like that.

I divided each book by year and so far I've done 2 of them. The one for 2010 will have to wait until my next pay check since I blogged so much that year it will be close to $100.00!
Just to give you an idea of cost, my first book was only 45 posts long and it came out to ~$27.00 my second book was over 100 posts and was ~$56.00 my 2010 book will be around 260 posts and that's about $100.00. I hate to see my 2011 book since I'm blogging nearly every day. There is a way to edit your content so you don't have to include every post but I'm just too lazy to mess with all that.

Here are some photos of the finshed books...

The photo quality is amazing. The colors are very vibrant with great resolution.

The other products I want to brag on are some "crafting pens" I ordered from . You may remember my post about the company a few days ago where I mentioned the cute little eraser sets and animal shaped paperclips. Well I also ordered some micro glass glitter pens and scented pens at the same time. I only ordered 2 of each type b/c you never know what the quality of something like that will be like, but I have to say that the glitter pens in particular are FANTASTIC!

I ordered this clear pen mainly for scrapbooking b/c I hate messing with glitter or glitter glue and if I could just trace the lettering or images I want to put glitter on and have it dry immediately you can't go wrong there. After I tested the pen and fell in love I immediately tried to order a whole mess of them and guess what, they were completely SOLD OUT! So now I'm on the hunt. I'll be checking back periodically to see when they are available again. Jet Pens has some amazing and fun products on their site. If you have some free time I suggest you get your pocket book handy b/c you're sure to find something you just "have to have"!


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