Easy DIY cork board and black board

I stole this idea from my sister's nursery for her son Maddox but changed it up just a bit. She'd been looking for a corkboard and blackboard to put in his room but everything was really plain and smaller then what she wanted, so she went to Hobby Lobby and found some frames that were 50% off then just painted his wall with chalkboard paint and hung one frame over the square of paint. Then she hot glued squares of corkboard behind the the other frame and hung that one above the first. I saw it and LOVED it but wanted to make a few changes.

Here's what you'll need:

*your frame
*a foam cutter
*a piece of thick foam board large enough to fit in the frame (I had LARGE frames so I used the trifold science project foam boards from Michael's.
*a roll of chalkboard contact paper - I bought 3 yards off of amazon.com for ~$10.00
*duct tape
*a roll of thin sticky corkboard paper (you can find this at Hobby Lobby or Michaels).

I purchased the exact same frames as my sister at 50% off, but didn't want to have to paint the wall so instead I purchased a roll of chalkboard contact paper. I then measured my foam board and cut it to fit the frame (my measurements were a bit off somehow so mine doesn't look perfect but I can live with it). Next is the tricky part. The contact paper is super sticky but very forgiving. It wasn't wide enough to cover the entire board in one piece so I had to layer it with 2 strips. I trimmed off about 3 inches of the paper under the sticky part so that I could control the placement of the sticky part w/o having to unstick and restick it several times to get it right. Once I got placement I liked then I just peeled off the backing with no tension on the contact paper and layed it down onto the foam board slowly rubbing out any air bubbles as I went. There were LOTS of bubbles but they rubbed out really easily. I can't express enough how happy I am with this contact paper. It didn't stretch or loose stickiness or anything. Now I have all these ideas for other things I can put it on. If only I had a silouette cutter then I could go NUTS with my scrapbooking organizers.

Once I had the entire foam board covered I just duct taped it to the back of the frame. I didn't want to use hot glue b/c the frame's so pretty that if I want to use it for something else in the future I just have to pop out the foam board and make something new!

The finished project:

For the cork board I did the exact same approach but let me warn you that when you cut cork board it crumbles so make sure you cut it a little bit outside your mearsurements to compensate for that. I didn't and my cork board is a bit wonky, but I figure it's going to get covered up anyway so it's no big deal.


Kristina said…
I love this idea and may try doing it myself. I was wondering, now that you've used it a bit, how is the foamboard holding up with the holes in it? Do things still stick well or do you have to look for a place that hasn't been thumbtacked yet?

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