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Recently my friend Karen posted on her blog about a trip the Hopechest crew took to one of the Fistula Hospitals in Ethiopia. I watched a documentary about a year ago called "A Walk to Beautiful" and read a book titled, "The Hospital By The River", which touches on the same problem we fortunately don't see here in the U.S - recto-vaginal and uro-vaginal fistulas (tears) created during traumatic child birth or even rape.
(See the trailer below)

Before the trip, Karen asked the hospital what medical supplies were needed and they said they needed collection bags. These bags are used to collect waste during the healing period after surgery. Karen received hundreds of bags from the medical supply store listed below. I e-mailed Karen about trying to get the store's address b/c I know how moved I was by the movie and hearing/reading about the suffering of these women and the little hope they have for any kind of a future. So anyone who's willing to help these hospitals to make a difference in these women's/girl's lives are heroes to me and I want to make sure they know how appreciated they are.

After suffering a miscarriage I know the sadness that haunts me daily after the loss of a child. I remember vividly the visceral pain associated with the miscarriage as well as the heart ache but I can not imagine having my dead child stuck in my birth canal for a WEEK before finally expelling it only to end up maimed for life longing for my lost child and my old life.
I emplore you to PLEASE take a few minutes out of your day to send a little "Thank You" to the address below for their generous donation. People like Gloria can stand tall knowing that she DID something to help. What can you do?

Gloria Heagel
Mercy Home Therapy Shoppe
1501 4th St SW , Mason City Iowa , 50401


Paula said…
I visited the Fistula Hospital when I was in Ethiopia. It is a very inspiring place. I would be happy to write a note to thank the medical supply company.

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