Free digital birth announcements/shower invitations

Disclaimer: we did not adopt a baby from Russia.

I found a graphic on and fell in love. I just edited the original to be able to include a photo, cut out the corners, and changed the colors and voila! I thought these were precious. I used a baby image I found online since I don't have any good baby photos of our Ezra on this computer so I don't want people to think this little guy is a new addition to our family.

Just click on the images below to enlarge and then save to your computer as a .png which will allow you to edit them as you see fit.

For this sample one I used the font "Halo Handletter" for the name, and "TF2" for the rest of the announcement.

I haven't checked the size of these when printed out so they may need to be resized once you've added your text and photos. I would just print them onto a heavy cardstock or nice matte finish photo paper and then cut them out so you keep the nice rounded edges.


syeds said…
Resizing for what..i think its perfect ...@@

Baby Shower Invitations

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