More disappointment on the adoption front...

So the week that we were snowed in I got a call from an attorney about a little 1 year old a healthy AA boy who was available for immediate adoption. The kicker was he's got 2 older sisters that are part of a seperate case and she wanted to know if 1. we would be willing and adopt the entire sibling group - no and 2. would we be open to monthly visits to see his sisters.
I then had to tell his attny. about Michael's up in the air job status and that though I'd be completely ammenable to visits that we may have to move which would make visits difficult if we're in Alaska or Sicily. The lawyer then ripped my heart out even more when she said that the baby boy is SO cute that they aren't even sending out his photo to anyone until they read his profile, b/c they don't want someone to take him just based on his cuteness factor! arrrrgghhhh
Our agency then called me and said that we were the attorneys top pick for an adoptive family, but with our residency status having a huge ??? that she didn't know what they'd decide to do. :(
I'm guessing they went with another family b/c I haven't heard a peep since then about him.
Then today I got an e-mail about a little 2.5 year old AA girl who is available for immediate placement but she's got some moderate medical needs, and her profile was pretty vague. So though I'd love to have a little girl, her needs are a bit more then I'd be comfortable with at least with what I do know of them thus far. However, if anyone out there is in TX and has a current homestudy or may be interested in her she's beautiful and seems very happy and I'd love to discuss her with you so she can find a home.


Paula said…
Sorry Becky... I know you will be just the right family for a child one day. Dare I say "patience"? :)

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