A day with mom and dad...

Since it's been so warm and lovely here we decided to go on a family outing today. Our first stop was Panera for a bit of lunch and then we went to the Trinity River Park. I love this park b/c there are so many families there cooking out or riding bikes. Like Michael said when we walked up, "this is a happy place".

They recently got some new playground equiptment and aren't finished installing all of it yet but we got a kick out of this sign:

(why not just say for 2-12 year olds????)

Ezra took a while to warm up to the place but then quickly went into "Lion Mode":

Finally a sweet face :)


Now for some dancing and jumping...

Enough of that... now lets reflect on the calming waters... (actually he was one the look out for fish and ducks)

We then scooted over to the Pioneer Village right across from the Fort Worth Zoo.
This was a really cool place and inspired me to want to make my own candles and cook over an open fire...

Ezra loved the water pump the best :)

Hope you guys had a great Saturday!


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